Do you want to make a difference in your city? Do you believe in fair and transparent elections? Do you support the Clean Elections program that was recommended by the Charter Commission, ratified by Portland voters, and adopted by the Portland City Council?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we need your help! The Clean Elections program is under threat by some council members who want to underfund it by $175,000. This would jeopardize the program’s ability to provide public funding for candidates who reject big money and special interests in their campaigns.

The Clean Elections program was designed to cost $465,000 in its first year, which is what the council approved when they adopted it. This amount is necessary to cover the start-up costs and the expected demand for funding in a mayoral election year. The council members who want to cut the budget are using a misleading estimate of $290,000, which was reported as the annual average cost over four years.

This is unacceptable! A vote not to fully fund the program at this point is a blatant vote to undermine the program, which raises a moral question in addition to a legal one. We cannot let this happen!

That’s why we are asking you to submit your testimony to the city council in support of Councilor Anna Trevorrow’s amendment to the budget for the Clean Elections program to $465,000. Your voice matters and can make a difference!

Click here to send testimony in support Clean Elections in Portland