Portland voters will be asked to vote on three questions on November 7, 2023. The Cumberland County Greens have taken the following positions on these questions:

Question A

Question A: Do you favor the change in the city ordinance proposed by citizen petition as summarized below?

An Act to Amend Portland’s Rent-Control Ordinance

An Act to Amend Portland’s Rent-Control Ordinance will ensure that anyone with an ownership interest in nine or fewer rental units in the City of Portland will not be subject to the provisions of the city’s rent control ordinance.

The Cumberland County Greens strongly oppose Question A, which would weaken Portland’s rent control ordinance and harm tenants’ rights. Question A would create a loophole for landlords who own nine or fewer units, allowing them to raise rents without limits or accountability. This would undermine the purpose of rent control, which is to protect tenants from unfair and excessive rent increases, especially in a time of housing crisis. Passage of question A would make it harder for low-income and working-class people to find affordable housing in Portland. Question A is not a fair or balanced solution, but a giveaway to the landlord lobby that would hurt renters and worsen inequality. We urge Portland voters to reject Question A and defend rent control for all.

Question B

Question B: Do you favor the change in the City Charter proposed by the City Council as provided in the summary below?

This amendment to the Portland City Charter approves gender-inclusive language, including non-gendered language and gender-neutral pronouns, throughout the City Charter.

The Cumberland County Greens endorse Question B, which would amend the Portland City Charter to use gender-inclusive language. We believe that language matters, and that everyone deserves to be respected and represented in our city’s governing document. By adopting non-gendered language and gender-neutral pronouns, we can ensure that the Charter reflects the diversity and dignity of all Portlanders, regardless of their gender identity or expression. Question B is a simple but meaningful step towards a more inclusive and equitable city for all.

Question C

Question C: Do you favor the change in the City Charter proposed by the City Council as provided in the summary below?

The amendment requires the City Clerk to make nomination petitions available 155 days prior to the election rather than the current 127 days and requires nomination petitions to be turned in no later than 99 days prior to the election rather than the current 71 days. The amendment also removes the earliest date a candidate can file nomination petitions, allowing a candidate to file once the candidate has received the required number of signatures.

The Cumberland County Greens support Question C, which would give more time for candidates to collect signatures and file nomination petitions. We believe that this amendment would increase the diversity and quality of candidates, as well as the participation and engagement of voters. By extending the nomination period, candidates would have more opportunities to reach out to their constituents, gather feedback and support, and run effective campaigns. This would also reduce the barriers for grassroots and independent candidates, who often face challenges in meeting the current deadlines. Question C would also remove the unnecessary restriction on when a candidate can file their petitions, allowing them to focus on their message and vision instead of bureaucratic hurdles. We urge the voters of Cumberland County to vote YES on Question C and make our democracy more inclusive and representative.